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Our LEAD Profile -
Leadership Check in the Diagnostic Simulation Game

The executive shows a good performance, the employer is satisfied ... and would like to move on to the next optimisation step.
How can the employee reach even more efficiency as an executive?

Our Competence:
The new approach of LEAD Profile goes even one step further: The participants act in various problem-solving situations just like before - but the overall context stays the same! In the so-called "synthegration" approach, we remain in a single fictitious company and simulate situations that are closely related to day-to-day business life. The participants move along the usual value chain (strategy - production - marketing - sales) and work on the challenges arising.

In LEAD Profile, the participants MUST take over the executive role, both in individual and group settings. They MUST take the lead and MUST take the responsibility and lead their team to a result.

Factors determining success are therefore:
Synthegrative setting - one context - one company
Obligatory leadership - there is no way to avoid the situation
Strategic relevance to realistic future - relevant tasks and requirements

Your Benefit:
During the diagnostic simulation game, the company watches the employee act in the role of an executive and identifies starting points for the next development steps.

Exemplary Participant Statement:
"High speed just like the usual everyday madness: sometimes you don't know what to do first - but you have to act. And: mistakes are made and have to be managed with all their consequences!"

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